Born of Greek heritage, Bill Katsioutas (guitar) came to Canada in 1972 by way of France, and began to play the guitar in 1975. His early exposure to many cultures was the breeding ground for Bills eventual musical development.

Bill began his career as a self taught rock guitarist at the age of fourteen. Deciding to pursue more formal training with the classical guitar, Bill began studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music and continued at the University of Toronto, earning his Bachelor of Music in Performance.

During his studies at the University of Toronto, Bill was exposed to many styles of “world music”, which lead to his interest in flamenco and many other forms of folk music.

Over the last few years, Bill has slowly refined his craft, while performing classical guitar concerts as well as freelance work with many local bands. He has also been a featured soloist with the Georgian Bay Symphony Orchestra, a member of the Jesse Cook Band and has performed with Lyona Boyd, Natalie McMaster and The Chieftains. Bill has also recorded with Jesse Cook, Susan Debussak, Pablo Terry, Konstantine, First Generation orchestra, Nick Cuda and Solitudes. He has also composed and performed the music for the independent short film “Permiso”.

Bill is currently working with Guitarissimo Music and his Mediterranean/Latin group Plakaso, with whom he has recently recorded a debut CD called "Deja Vu".